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As a linguist, economist, learning and life consultant and mother of four children I have always been fascinated by learning challenges and human beings' natural capacity to deal with stress, suffering and the lack of health. The mechanisms and tools to restore the body's self-regulation and to help us embrace change without fear are manifold and universal. I have received extensive training in some of them and worked with many children, teenagers and adults to overcome their challenges and learn and live a more balanced, peaceful and happy life.


Based near Paris/Europe I propose individual, family and group sessions, workshops, self-help groups and conferences in French, English and German wherever needed.



Life Challenge


As a unit of the outer world that we communicate with, we all live in our physical body : we feel it, see it, use it, but we don’t always know who exactly is in there…


Many of us spend their whole life searching for what we call the best or highest self, longing to understand at the deepest level who we are and why we are here. Underneath everything we do and think is the unfolding of intelligent evolution and we are part of that. Science has proven that we are all connected and from the magical moment of conception until birth and further on, each human body develops according to epigenetic codes and patterns. The physical body meets the soul that it is going to host for a time span that we call life. However, at any stage of development of all aspects of ourselves (in utero, at birth and thereafter) the program can be harmed or hindered in its unfolding and the inherent patterns cannot develop and serve properly.  As a result of stress, suffering and trauma (the first one often being birth itself) we struggle with physical, emotional or cognitive challenges and life becomes difficult on various levels. We hence develop physical or mental strategies to overcome or simply bear these. They mostly function for a while, but we literally lose our balance and are forced to make huge efforts to move on. Our nerve system suffers. We may become ill, feel stuck; our development may be retarded. We cannot reach our potential.


Whatever the challenge is, there are beautiful ways to bring ourselves back to self-regulation and free-flowing aliveness that allow ourselves to become who we are, to naturally and joyfully develop and use all our talents and to stand our ground in a fast changing world.  As of day one the newborn baby is thrown into the outer world as a “separate unity” leaving the safety and warmth of the womb. It must now “survive”, find protection in itself and continue to grow and evolve as an independent being in a world that depends on gravity. This in itself is a “heavy” challenge the body has to meet every day. Inherent archaic patterns are there to help and can be restored at any given moment. The earlier we watch on them, the more the child’s motor, emotional and cognitive development can smoothly follow the pattern and evolve into a mature, responsible, creative and balanced adult in a self-regulating body.





Masgutova Neuro Sensory Motor Reflex Integration


The non-invasive manual approach developed by Dr. Masgutova is a set of programs focused on the restoration and maturation of primary movements, reflex patterns, body coordination systems, skills for optimal performance and development. The integration of early movements is the key to a successful and joyful life.


Children with special needs (dyslexia, autism, ADHD etc.) as well as adults with challenges (anxiety, depression, grieving, burnout and PTSD etc.) benefit from this work. It leads the body (back) to self-regulation and healthy functioning which is the basis for growth and learning. It strengthens the immune-system and enhances stress resilience.


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